Reliable Marketing Solutions - Illinois--guaranteed appointments--couldn't deliver--wouldn't refund

Danvers, Massachusetts 2 comments
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I paid this company $675 to call 300 leads and set a minimum of 1 appointment and several callbacks.The initial list was of individuals who were not qualified within the parameters i was told ($250k liquid assets).

They sent me a new list withthe same names---just changed the income and asset numbers.

The said they gurantee an appointment and give them a chance. After 5 callbacks that either wouldn't take my call or had no investable assets, i demanded a refund.

they sent me $225 and said that was all i would be geting from them and Josh Hosler told me to F...Off and hung up on me.

Review about: Go2Rms.



This place is a scam. Run by a bunch of idiots. Don't waste your money!


I know this is you MATT go ahead and try to rip off another company to bad i no you wrote business off of what we gave you and you got a refund if you slander me and my company again and miss lead other clients i will pursue this more

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